How I survive

December 10, 2010
By Anonymous

There I was
Standing over an ocean of fire.
The ground,
Black as the night sky without the moon
Killing everything that lives from it.
Meteors falling in the distance of a red sun
That sprung the memories of my mind.

End of the world no doubt,
of a new beginning before the old ending.
There lies a black rose.
A rose that was once a beautiful red treasure,
Now a broken, black, hollow shell.
Its memories weaken me.
It reminds me what ive lost and cared so much about.

The ocean racing through like a large river,
With every sound and cry it hears.
Like a steady pulse,
Full of guilt and anger it continues to grow.
Inside me I have felt this.
In the center of my heart,
is where I found this world.

My heart was dying,
Me along with it.
My only option to escape this world of pain,
Is to end it.
I cut myself off.
and live to build a new one.

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