Storm and I Become One

June 5, 2008
By Kyme Morris SILVER, Columbia, Missouri
Kyme Morris SILVER, Columbia, Missouri
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I can see the angry clouds rolling in,
So dark and full of sin.
The sun quickly disappears,
As the storm nears.

The rain washes down in a sheet,
It has a rhythmic beat.
The thunder soon begins to rumble,
And the dark clouds tumble.

I stand outside with my head to the sky,
And I feel strong and high.
I smile as the rain drops touch my skin,
And as the rain washes down my chin.

I close my eyes,
And I feel my spirit rise.
I laugh into the dark world that surrounds me,
As the wind swirls around my legs like a rushing sea.

I spin around with the rain,
And I feel no pain.
This storm and I become one,
And we won't stop till we feel done.

We move and sway,
We drift one place to the next our own way.
We beat down on windows and roof tops,
Nothing can get us, not even cops.

We let people know no one can mess with us,
So don't even make a fuss.
Because eventually there's a rainbow,
We're the only ones that can make one, you know.

Don't judge us by our looks,
Get your facts straight by the books.
We make the world clean again with just some rain,
We have so much to gain.

I sink back to my normal body,
And I open my eyes to see.
A rainbow crosses the bright blue sky,
And I take a deep sigh.

I smile into the sunshine,
And I feel like it's all mine.
All this beauty and happiness,
I couln't ask for less.

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