June 5, 2008
By Dawn Ely SILVER, Pelham, New Hampshire
Dawn Ely SILVER, Pelham, New Hampshire
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I’m sitting on the grass
Blinking back the tears
That come to my eyes.
One runs down my cheek and
Falls to the ground.

The sadness hits me suddenly
Like a wave,
Its impact hard on my heart.
My mind races
With the thoughts and problems
I have kept hidden for so long.
How could this happen?
What did I do wrong?
Is this possible?

The tears begin to fall faster
Hitting the ground like a rain shower.
They start slowly at first
And get harder and faster
As time goes by.
My thoughts continue with their questions.
They pester and haunt me
Until I can no longer think straight.
I lay on the ground
Tired and upset,
Not wanting to go on.
The sobs begin and
My body trembles as I
Cry my heart out.

But then I see
Through my tears
An ant
Picking up a burden
Far greater that itself.
It is difficult for him to carry
Yet he seems to go on
Knowing that his struggle
Will be worth it
In the end.

Looking at him gives me hope
To go on
Knowing that
No matter how big the weight I carry
I can make it through.

I sit up
Wiping my tear-streamed face with my sleeve.
The sobs slowly fade away
As my mind begins to clear.
My crying has left me
And with it my thoughts and problems
That I believed to be too much to bear.

As I rise from my resting spot
I know inside that I can get through
Whatever comes my way
No matter how bad it seems.
I walk away
Leaving my troubles behind me
On the wet ground.

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