You Messed Up

December 7, 2010
By LeleP BRONZE, New Orleans, Louisiana
LeleP BRONZE, New Orleans, Louisiana
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it is wat it is!

He know what it is, he cant resist
you cant tell me, its me that you dont miss
Leave me, you leaving the best
But i aint gonna go through the lies, girls, and mess
males dont know how to act when they get they hands on something good
Im classy, elegant, dreams, u want a chick thats triflin and hood
show me why you call yo self real
show me the business, tell me whats the deal
o you mad? because i caught you down bad!
but you couldnt be man enough and tell me the truth
so dis is what we come down to...
you know what you had, and best believe i was a house keeper
i keep my word nor do i cheat, or go late night creeper
but imma take it as a lesson learn not a loss..
cuz when you lies dis what it comes down 2 and dis is what it cost..
was you afraid to fall in love?
or honest not yo cup of tea?
i thought i was yo everything, when u only gave me a piece
when you come at me, come at me right..
who wants to go through the drama, headaches, and fights
I tamed you, i loved you, i put one one above you...
why you didnt give me a bill back?
you scared i was gon play catch back, but i forgive and i forget..and i wouldnt even say i regret the first day we met..
where the girls gon be wen you get locked up? somewhere in the world getting messed up...
but you choose them over me?
the girl that would do anything for you or whatever you need...
working it out....o i've tried! and its true when a strong person can take over a weak mind...but im going to leave you with this...
I bet you gonna remember me, wondering why i messed up
yea you bounce back but what you did to me is what sucks!
like they say they see you with another man and they want you back..
but i be dam if i take them steps back

The author's comments:
what inspired me to write this is because me and my ex boyfriend broke up so it express my feelings

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