Night Devils

December 7, 2010
By callmeIN GOLD, Atlanta, Indiana
callmeIN GOLD, Atlanta, Indiana
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‘Maybe Richard will find another way. Just tell him, Alice. Tell him that his own Confessor never stopped loving him. And that if he can’t undo the magic, if he can’t return to her then, she’ll be waiting for him, in the Underworld. Forever.’
-Mother Confessor Kahlan Amnell,
Legend of the Seeker

Thump, Crash, Boom!
Thump, Bang, Boom, Crash!
Tap, Thump, Boom, Crash,
Careful, don't be too obvious.

Tap, Crack, Swish!
Tap, Thump, Slap, Slash, Boom!
Slash, Swash, Crack, Thump,
Careful. They're coming for you.

Be scared, be feared, be a Night Devil.
You can be one of the Fearsome Night Devils.

The Night Devils prey on the weary and grim.
The Night Devils prey on the traveler's hyms.
And if you be one of them,
Be scared of the Night Devils, for they follow the men.

Be scared of the Night Devils, for they ain't no myth.

The author's comments:
This is just a bit of nonsense, written on the fly. There is no such thing as a Night Devil, and you should be relieved. They are fearsome, deadly creatures with three horns on their heads, forked tails, and, yes, multicolored skin.

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