Butterfly, The Man of my Dreams, The Real Kind of Love

December 6, 2010
By Anonymous


I am following that blue butterfly
I want to follow wherever it goes.
It glides through the air with its open wings,
Where it is going, I will never know.

It soars over flowers and grassy fields,
If flies over the trees and waterfalls.
It probably hears the wind rustling leaves,
And the beautiful gray mockingbird’s calls.

It does not see the evils in this world,
I can tell as it flies above it all.
It can only see the sunny blue skies,
It’s lucky it didn’t see what I saw.

People dying everywhere that I look,
I hear screams and yells of those I love,
I would cry with every shot that he took.
But now all those people are up above.

He’s ruined me and the life I had loved,
I know that day I will never forget,
I will find a way to get my revenge,
And he will forever live in regret.

So butterfly, please continue to fly,
For you still have hope so soar and be free,
Just excuse me when I commit this crime,
And hope that you do not end up like me.

The Man of my Dreams

He’s got eyes that shine and a smile so bright,
A brilliant mind and a heart of gold.
An angel from heaven I see at night,
He keeps me warm while the winter’s so cold.

I enter my sleep in a peaceful state,
It won’t be long until I see his face.
What brings me to him is nothing but fate,
With him, I can be in a happy place.

Though he is only near when I sleep in bed,
I love all the words that he has spoken.
His perfection will never leave my head.
My love for him won’t ever be broken,

But then as I wake up and my tears fall,
I realize my love’s not real at all.

The Real Kind of Love

The real kind of love isn’t hard to find,
You see it all around you every day.
If it’s with boys or girls, you do not mind,
As long as they make everything okay.

You feel connected, even from the start,
And your relationship begins to grow.
You hope that nothing will tear you apart,
And there is no need for you to go slow.

This person will always be on your side.
They will be there for you no matter what.
True feelings, you will never have to hide,
In your heart, the door will never be shut.

You realize that life is about love.
The love that you know will not ever end.
The love that has the beauty of a white dove,
A love of someone that you call your friend.

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