A Day in the Sky

December 6, 2010
By Anonymous

Traveling on an off beaten path
The surface was rocky not paved
It was a quiet early morning
With the moon still in the sky
We meandered into the cabin
To meet our eager tour guides
For a day of adventure
Up in the sky

We carefully strapped on our harnesses
And quickly buckled our helmets
Looking forward to a day of excitement
With a friend and his dad

Step after step we climbed
Almost gasping for breath
We reached the top
Birds zooming by
looking out over the tops of trees.

I lift my feet and start to glide
Looking over tall trees
The cable squeaks with delight
The cold winter air bites my face
The adrenaline rushes thru my veins
And I gasp for air

A day spent with a friend and his dad
Traveling on an off beaten path
Making memories I can feel

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