the cycle

June 5, 2008
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love is fake,
love is tears and pain,
washing your life away,
waiting for someone.

love is reckless,
it only ends with a bang,
it starts with something,
i may like,
but then ends in a catastrophy.

love is so overrated,
that people actually
believe there happy,
when the reality is,
that there hiding their
emotions in a shell,
trapped by sorrow,
pain, and stess,
trying their dambdest
to get out and be free.

love is hell,
it burns at your soul,
until there is nothing left,
no feelings, no emotions,
so you can't escape.

your heart is like a bomb,
ticking, and ticking,
until it erupts,
every fight, every argument,
only leavung you,
with a broken heart,
which eventually kills you.

soon leaving your kids
here to say,
"daddy why did you kill mommy"?
"i hate you"
now your children,
sitting and crying,
cause daddy hurt mommy.

so i believe that
love can only be bad!
and so,
a beautiful young girl,
falling for a guy,
she knows
will only hurt her,
and destroy her future,
pulling her back,
waiting for her to blow,
so that is why,

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