June 5, 2008
It is the blackest days

That set us apart

I reveal me to you

You reveal us to them

Rocking gently on sandy waters

Swimming in murky dreams

Collecting little pieces of us

Like kids at the beach collecting shells

Taking them home

Oh home

What is home

A place to sleep and sometimes eat

A place to fight and cry

A place to realize that life is passing us by

Way to fast

Can you see what I see

A star shines for you and me darling

Its raining asphalt

The world is gone

What dreams lie beneath my home


My dreams get too caught up in making me see

The destruction I try so hard to get away from

If flowers could talk

Maybe this asphalt jungle would be gone

The jungle lies

Giving us a false sense of perfection

We should know better

But we only give in and let it take us over

Like sandy waves trying to drown us in hopes

Of accomplishing the impossible

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