When I Think About Family

June 5, 2008
By Jessica Hansley, Currie, NC

When I think about family, I think about love and care
I see the ones that I can turn to
Even though it seems as if no one is there
I hear the talk of what I shouldn’t do and what I should
But when the day is over, I know that it was for my own good

I feel a love that is unlike any other
From a fathers forgiveness to the warm hug of a mother
The laughs that we share are priceless
Family is the ones that when you gone, you seem to miss
And sometimes the pain feels unbearable
But no matter what, we get through it

You can feel the joy when we all come together
And you realize that there’s no feeling better
We’ve had our good times
And we’ve had our bad
But no problem can take all of the love that we have

So we welcome the new
And remember those who have been called home
As we are being reunited as one
Remember that all of this love and happiness has plenty
More years to come.

By Jessica Hansley
Granddaughter of
Ila Simpson Martin

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