The Lifeguard

June 5, 2008
It was my first day on the job.
I was a little nervous and apprehensive.
Though I was ready and confident that
I knew what to do, when to do it.
About twenty-five minutes go by
And some kid decides to run around
The pool area. Immediately, I blew my
Whistle and shouted “Walk!”
I felt so powerful to be able to make
Someone walk and to avoid any accidents.
I was so confident after I blew my whistle
That I was no longer nervous or apprehensive.
About three hours later I heard a loud “plop” and
Then a “splash.” When I saw what had happened,
I let out an accidental “Shit!”
Someone had hit their head on the diving
Board then fell into the pool. Immediately, I stood up
On the lifeguard post which was about 8 feet in the air,
And blew my whistle as loud as I could, to alert
The other lifeguards in the vicinity. The people in the pool
At the time immediately exited the pool.
Then I quickly jumped into the pool, and started to
Neutralize him by holding his body in place while moving
In the pool to prevent any disruption of his vertebrae.
One of the other working lifeguards at the pool summoned
EMS personnel to arrive. Once they got there, they took over,
And the deed was done. I was so happy it was over.
It all goes to show, what I thought was going to be
A nice easy first day at the pool, was a nightmare.
Who knew?

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