December 2, 2010
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Questions fill my head
They ask, ask, and ask even when I’m lying in my bed.
Although I do not have their answer,
They eat away at me like cancer.

I wish they would stand in a single file line,
because maybe they’d be easier to answer one at a time.
They ask me what I could have changed,
They stab into me as if they were fangs.
They ask me what I’ll do now,
I wonder why they have to be so loud.

These questions give me no time to think,
In fact a new one comes at every wink.
I tell my conscience to leave me alone,
yet it keeps bothering me on and on.

These questions get to be quite a bother,
Sometimes I even get them from my father
He asks me how I feel,
I say as if I’ve been stung by an electric eel.
He asks me if I am okay,
I say maybe if it could have been some other way.
My parents divorced when I was nine,
I feel as if these questions will bother me till the end of time.

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