A True Friend

December 1, 2010
By Anonymous

You see the true me through the thin and thick,
you would never leave me alone with a heart of bricks.
You always recognize when I'm feeling dismayed,
but you talk me through it and you don't walk away.

Kindness and support you send me my way,
sometimes our friendship keeps me going each day.
All the laughter and fun times we spend together,
memories that will stay in my heart forever.

It's horrible to think, not having a friend like you,
your name I call to keep me from staying blue.
Secrets I share that you don't tell,
laughter we share that breaks through my shell.

You look out for me, you got my back,
I know this friendship will never crack.
You planted our friendship so firmly on the ground,
I'm always happy to have you around.

Out of one and a million, I'm glad I have you,
a true friend can always be found in you.
A true friend is there until the very end,
a true friend i have found in you.

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