The World is Bigger Than Your Twitter Account

December 1, 2010
By crysdobs BRONZE, Stockbridge, Georgia
crysdobs BRONZE, Stockbridge, Georgia
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Her stomach is growling,
More food it will miss.
Our teenagers don’t know what suffering is.
We sit here just moaning,
Of troubles we face:
“My hair’s far too curly.” “I want a new place!”
While others are without
A home or a meal,
We cry if we can’t drive an automobile.
What’s happened to us?
How did we forget
That there are bigger problems than being brunette?
We could all be starving
And surrounded by death
Of AIDs, or the measles, or addiction to meth.
Now some know these problems,
And try to be good.
They donate or rebuild a small neighborhood.
We see them in papers
And sometimes we say
“Look there! I’ll do something like that one day.”
But why are we waiting
To help those in need?
There’s no time to waste. Go and do a good deed!

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