I do it all for you

June 4, 2008
By Stephanie Sizeland, Traverse City, MI

So, you want to know why?
Why i do the things i do?
I do it for the smile on your face.
For the sparkle in your eyes.
For the warmth of your arms.
For the care that you give me.
For the world that you showed me.
For the beat of your heart.
For the sound of your voice.
For the touch of your hand.
For the looks that you give me.
For the time that we share.
For the promises you made.
For actually keeping those promises.
For the lies you don't tell.
For the feelings you've given me.
For the wonderful memories.
For the worry that you have.
For knowing i exist.
For letting me share my problems.
For giving me a reason to live.
For the truth that you showed.
For letting me cry when i needed to.
For loving me for who i am.
For not judging me in any way.
For the sweet and loving kisses.
For the long lasting hugs.
For wanting to be with me.
For the generosity you have.
For the kindness in your heart.
For never giving up on me.
For wanting to help me.
For actually caring about my feelings.
For putting me before others.
For sticking up for me.
For the protection you offer.
For being my best friend.
For trusting me with your heart.
For all the nice things you say.
For wiping away my tears.
For making me a better person.
For saving my life.
For healing my broken heart.
For calling me yours.
For bringing me into your life.
For convincing me that i'm important.
For telling me i'm pretty.
For all the smiles you've given me.
For all the love you have.
But most of all
i do what i do
because i love you.

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