In My City

June 4, 2008
By Emma James, Bothell, WA

I have ambition enough
To build a city

In my city
Everyone will be equal
Nobody will be set apart
For there will be no reason to be

My city will be beautiful
An ingenius display
Of equality
Umbraged by throngs of trees

Outsiders may cavil about my city
And they can all they want
For inside my city
We know what is substantive

Life in my city will be a musical
Bellowing for all to hear
Hordes of people will fill the streets
And dance together just because they can

In my city, life will be forever
Love will last a lifetime
Friends will be loyal
And patience will never run thin

In my city, riots would never break out
Gangs would never form
And mobs would never assemble
People in my town dont know the meaning of retaliation

My city would be perfect
And only my friends could live there
Because we all know what's good
And we would all be happy for once and forever

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