My Ode to Four

June 4, 2008
The forest and mountains,
I live for you.
The grass, rocks and trees,
so old but so new.
Material, strength,
the direction North.
A pentacle lies
to come and bring forth.

Burning volcanoes,
fires of old.
Creation and Destruction,
the stories you hold.
Love, sex, and anger,
the South pyre burns.
As I raise my wand to you,
the Wheel of Fire turns.

Oceans and rain,
we cry for you now.
Bringing life to this planet,
your triangle down.
Emotions and divination,
you stand for my sign.
Falling around me,
your chalice divine.

Eastern breezes
fill both of our lungs.
I light the incense
and hear the song that he sung.
Thoughts of and travel,
I feel your soft touch.
I draw with my athame,
for breathing's your crutch.

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