A Deathly Story

June 4, 2008
A spider crawling down my back
told me what was there.
He told me what the feeling was
that seemed so cold and bare.

A ghostly presence; an awful moan,
did tell a story great.
A story of a lonesome night
-that happened once of late.

The beginning was romantic
(of love at second-glance).
The middle full of horrors
that put me in a trance.

The ending was so terrible
I wished I hadn't heard!
For an evil being -jealous-
did kill many with his sword!

The spider nodded, "There's the blood.
It proves the story true.”
A burst of anger took me then
-A wave of weeping too.

"How could one do such things and live???
To see the sun rise and set???
Where is he? Take me to him now!
I'll see he pays his debt!"

"It’s of no use- he's killed himself"
Responded moaning voice.
"And after all that he had done,
he really had no choice.”

"And remember that cold feeling?”
Again the spider said.
"That's death -you are no longer living-
For you are also dead".

"You mean I lost in battle???
Against that evil fiend???"
The ghostly presence corrected
saying, "You don't understand."

"Look upon your body -see?
No cut on either side!
You died not by the sword, no sir!
But by poison -suicide!"

“How could I have just given up?!”
I shouted, but he said,
“You didn’t kill yourself until
the rest of them were dead.”

I pondered it, and stared at him
And at last I did see...
The murderer, the evil one,
Was no one else but me!

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