To The Rythm Of My Heart

June 4, 2008
By Kirsten McGuirk, Carl Junction, MO

With every pound
Of my beating heart,
Every second of sound
Shooting by like a dart
Something is lost.
Maybe it's a memory, so old
Something my mind just tossed-
Something that should have been told.
What is the cost
To find something once lost?
What is the price we must pay,
To remember yesterday?
Is it something bad or something good?
For every person who stands,
We must remember those who stood!
Where in those great lands,
Have we forgott,
Or remembered to forgett
Something once taught.
So now we just quit.

With the occational pound
Of my slowing heart,
Somkething lost will be found
Sweet or tart,
Whatever it may be
I cannot wait to find.
I no longer care about the fee,
Prize or punishment I will not mind.
TIME is now on my side.
I will retrieve what was lost.
Now I stand, after I hide.
Prestigiously ignoring the cost.
I stand to jump,
Consequences do not exist.
My blooded will still pump,
So willfully I presist.
I now remember
What I tossed-
Aside, dear
Not all is lost.

With a rare pound,
Of my dying heart
I do not rememeber if it's lost or found
Is this the begining, end, or start?
The consequences are back.
No one to climb the wall.
No one to pick up the slack.
I now fall into the street,
temperaraly frozen
In a world that can't compete
With my drea, mind, or pen.
I do not remember
Who, what, when, where.
I's all such a blur.
I'm curious, do I still care?
I had a fight with my good old friend,
My darling, TIME, is still mad at me.
Holding on until the end,
Always this is hos it will be!

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