June 4, 2008
Staring out the window
Large droplets splashing on the ground
Like the big man in the sky is crying.
Unhappy at peoples actions.

Droplets of sadness
A persons hopes and dreams splattered against the ground
Lost for internity
In a mixture of others emotions.
In a puddle of sadness.

Hated by everyone
Symbolizes pain and sadness
Shunned at the thought
Rain Rain, Go Away

Standing in the rain
Depression sets in…
Pelted with rain drops
like insults shouted
striking your ego
like rain strikes your body.

Covers everything
Like emotions in your mind
Wet all around
No dry safe place to go

Used by authors
To symbolize sadness
In movies
Funerals are always rainy
Rain is a synonym for sadness

Constant drizzle
Ever looming
If only it would down pour
And then let the sun show again
And happiness will set in.

People will rejoice
Returning to the outdoors
Like a smile to a persons face
The world will all be at peace
And no one can complain.

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