The Threat of Death

November 28, 2010
By jacobemnett BRONZE, Cave Creek, Arizona
jacobemnett BRONZE, Cave Creek, Arizona
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The demons shudder, all Hell bows
As Death walks in, his evil scowl
He strikes fear in the bravest hearts
Infects even the purest arts
He steps out onto the Earth’s soil
Taking with him all spirits loyal
Taking scythe up on his shoulder
Where he walks, the ground smolders
Slashing, biting cracking bones
Death appears in the safest homes
Without a whisper, he is there
A black cloak, a deadly scare
Then he vanishes, back to his lair
Screaming souls he has to bear
Soon he corrupts the highest kings
And Death bears the High Kings ring
The sea boils, the sky turns black
Death starts his final attack
Converging in on Heaven his troops advance
The world enters a deadly trance
Without a notice, angels start to cry
“Death has risen, to the skies!”
And all of the angels take up arms
And God deals Death a deadly harm
His scythe slips from his grasp
And all of the demons gasp
“God has beaten Death!” they rasp
Angels let out a victory cheer
The threat of Death is no longer near

The author's comments:
It's a piece of poetry I wrote for fun, I hope you enjoy it.

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