A Mountainous Experience

June 4, 2008
By Daniel Garratt, Seattle, WA

I wake from my slumber at an early hour
I clamber onto the bus an await the three hour drive
The ride is long and boring, but I know what to anticipate
There is a quiet murmur from the people who do not sleep
I make it a half hour before I doze off myself
My friend hits my arm to wake me up
I open my eyes and through the window I can see a building and snow
I shove my feet in my boots and tie them up
I leave the bus and grab my board
The edge cuts into my hand but I do not care
We run to a lift with the excitement of a little kid and ice cream
We sit down with a jerk and let our feet and boards lift from the ground
We are at the top and as we look down
We see people falling and tumbling down that white hill
We tremble with fear and anticipation
We wait for an opening and go rushing downwards
The freezing crisp air rushes past us with every second
The snow hits my face in a pleasing manor
The flakes bouncing off my coat like dancers on a trampoline
I reach the bottom and swing my board to a stop sending a wall of powder forward
I finished with no falls and a new sense of accomplishment
Filled with joy I go at it again
The lift has come and I sit on the frozen seat
I have new expectations that I must make
Once at the top I look down again
I have no worries, I know I will do well
I start to speed down leaving everyone behind
Suddenly I feel my board tipping
There is nothing I can do to stop it
I face plant into the snow and roll several feet
I lie there to collect my thoughts and tell myself to go again
I stand up and aim my board toward the bottom
I reach the end with dignity
I learned a lesson on arrogant behavior
I continue the day and block my mistake out of my mind
I finish the day flawlessly
I climb back onto the bus with every part of me hurting
I sit in my seat and do not take off my boots or gear
I am too tired to talk, even to my friend
I arrive at the drop off point and call my house
My ride comes and I return home
I sit down and tell my parents how everything went
Then tired and aching I go to sleep
What a wonderful day

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