I Love You

June 4, 2008
By Milcah Sessel, Orange, CT

The time is sadly here

Closing off your senior year

You truly are my deepest friend

A bond so strong until the end

Although we will be far apart

I will hold half of your heart

I can’t believe you’ll be away

How much I’ll miss you everyday

Many days I gashed your love

Yet, after all we rose above

Times so hard, for me you stayed

These memories will never fade

You must leave as I watch and cry

Never thought the year would die

I can’t believe how far we’ll be

At heart you’re always close to me

You pulled me out of my despair

How to repay? No way is fair

I wish to take the blows you face

O how I’d kill for your embrace

I pained you more then one deserves

I poured out more than one reserves

From you I found life’s true meaning

Your shoulder pained from constant leaning.

While you’re away, we’re not apart

Imagine in my brain and heart

When I’m scared ill make you proud

I will call you name aloud.

I feel your arms around me, strong

I see your face when I do wrong

I love your impact on my life

I felt your tears and caused your strife

I can hear your voice inside my head

I can see you sleep next to my bed

I know our friendship is so true

My friend, forever I love you.

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