Strong Enough

June 4, 2008
By Kathryn Todd, Lumberton, NJ

The whole world was watching with one blank stare
Fear and smoke thicken the air
We were soldiers in the time of hate
He warriors who fought off cruel fate

Mine aren’t strong enough to define
Why they surrendered their senses to superior minds.

I kneel down to the child’s height
And look into empty eyes
He says, sir, I can never forgive
The heroes that couldn’t help my brothers and sisters live

Hands mine aren’t strong enough to take away the pain
They stole away everything they were, and left them without a name.

I said, you see, you’re either a hero that dies in the fight
Or you live to become the villain who can’t tell wrong from right
I thought the gods gave people what they need
He said, sir, He gave up on me long ago when He saw I didn’t have the strength to believe.

Ours aren’t strong enough to erase what they’ve done
The flags are raised and the war is won.

I stay to watch the walls fall down,
Sickened by the crumbling sound
I owe them more but I’ve run out of tears
Because its all gone numb and I can’t feel.

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