June 4, 2008
I keep sitting here asking myself "why?"
Why do you purposely make me cry?
Why do you push me away?
Why the minute I turn my back, you beg me to stay.
We fought so hard for this love for so long,
So give me a reason why you constantly do me wrong.
I gave you chance after chance,
Help me understand...
Why you do the things you do
Why you break my heart with the pain you put me through
Why you would hurt me for another girl.
All I want is a few answers
But now I don't want to know.
It's better if I just let it go.
I have someone else who holds me in his arms every time I cry,
He never told me to "you need to leave that guy."
But whenever you cause me pain,
He's the one who feels ashamed
Because he can't do anything to protect me
So all he can do is wait and let me be.
But the situation is different now,
I realize what you're all about.
You're about girls, money, and cars.
He's about mending my broken heart,
Wiping away the tears that you cause
Put my crying on pause.
He's always there,
For so many years, he was the only one that really cared.
Now I know but I hope it's not too late.
All I can do is sit back and let fate be fate.

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