June 4, 2008
I'm sorry for being this way
For holding back my emotions and pushing you away.
I don't know what I can do to make you understand
No matter what I do or say - I still want you as my man...
I'm just going through a lot right now and I need time for myself.
In my mind - you're the one I want to be with and no one else.
He hurt me so bad that I can't even trust again.
It took a year for my heart to mend.
You need to prove to me that you're different from all of them.
Everything you said to me, is the same as him.
He hurt me over and over
And that's the only reason why you and I are not together.
I just need some alone time
and if you're not willing to wait, that's fine.
But I'm not going to rush
I don't want to be with you only to have my heart crushed.
So please forgive me for making you impatient,
You need to realize that being with you is inconvenient at the moment.
But I'm willing to try and if I'm going to be in a relationship, I want to give it my all.
I'm head over heels for you right now, so please catch me as I fall.

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