In The Night

December 6, 2010
By Alexa Rae Alonso BRONZE, Henderson, Nevada
Alexa Rae Alonso BRONZE, Henderson, Nevada
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I like the velvet darkness
That blankets the world in beauty.
The tantalizing backdrops
With its ever changing life.

I like the black clouds
That fills the endless sky
With a bucket of water ready
To drench the darkened earth.

The cool, free air
That the moon brings about
Exhilarates the senses
Spreading liberation to its breathers.

Those twinkling diamonds
Hanging from the heavens
From figures in the open sky
With an awe-inspiring effect.

The veil upon sight
That casts everything in shadows
Creates an undeniable ere
Of the mysterious lurking within.

I like the majestic symphony
Of crickets and wind
Mixed with the eerie silence
And the beating of my own heart

With pupils expanded
To see shadows in shadows
The eyes feast upon
The deliciously deep details.

Night brings with it
A sea of fascination and wonder
I like all that I find
Within the ever-changing
Unpredictable world of night.

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