Ugly Duckling

December 6, 2010
By Teagan.GMSL.Nicole BRONZE, Topeka, Kansas
Teagan.GMSL.Nicole BRONZE, Topeka, Kansas
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Life is a serious of disapontments broken only by dark spells of depression.

      It's so clear, to see right here that I'm the ugly duckling that always cry's a tear. My family doesn't see there's something wrong with me. This is why at night I sit alone in fright. Music is my life, the words I couldn't say. Someday you'll look back and remember My name. The one that always smiled, seemed cheerful all the time. Was only the ugly duckling afraid of everyday. They wonder why I say I don't care anymore. But on the inside they have no idea...

The author's comments:
This poem is about me because I always feel like an outcast even though I have a lot of friends I'm a middle child and I feel like I get forgotten a lot

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