Finding Myself

June 4, 2008
Gone away sun, I’ll follow this light; maybe it will take me to all that is good.
I know you can’t follow, but I’ll be back some day, with stories of love and regret.
Don’t expect you to wait, I know life moves on, just remember this day in September.
I will follow this star to the ends of the earth, searching for what I must find.
And when I find what I need, I’ll bring it back to you; show you what finally makes me whole.
‘Search and be found’, the crickets whisper, and that’s what I intend to do.
And though it may take the rest of my forever, I know that it will bring me peace.
Take comfort in my comfort, I know where I need to be; find that little longing I met so long ago.
To know, in whole, all that I am, is all I really need.
But I’ll meet you under this blanket of stars, when the heavens are all aglow.
You’ll know, and I’ll know, that the time has come for us to be together.
It may not be now, it may not be for a while, but our hearts will find the way.
I have to go now, to find what I am, but please always remember me.
I’ll come home, I promise to you, together, you and me.

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