Child Suicide(Explicit)

December 7, 2010
By herbanpoet SILVER, Scottsdale, Arizona
herbanpoet SILVER, Scottsdale, Arizona
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i know a girl her name will remain anonymous
this story will change your perspective this i promise
what happened to this girl was a monstrous deed
i want you to gain awareness your brain i will feed
so listen to me now as i take the lead
this girl was only 12 years old
young and bold
her mother just didnt care
when this girl had trouble she would only give her a cold stare
she just wasnt aware of wat was true
this girl was depressed and she cut herself too
you ask how could this happen to a 12 year old girl
on one fateful night she lay down in bed
it was quiet the night was dead
she heard a noise and got really scared
someone opened the door it was her moms boyfriend
he shut the door and pulled her to the floor
feeling her up asking you want more'
this cut her deep down to her core
he took her clothes off and dropped his pants
with evil this man was about to dance
he started and she felt the pain
only herself she could blame
too scared to scream she could only cry
it felt like hours were passing by
she begged him to stop
and he slapped her in the face
things like this happen all the time this world is a disgrace
he finished and pulled up is pants
will she ever recover not a chance
she lay there on the floor fighting the tears
why this happened it just wasnt clear
this poor little girl was now living in fear
her life was ruined this happened every night
she would start crying as she picked up the knife
it just wasnt worth living life
at school she drifted away from her friends
every single day she wished it would end
then one night her mom found her hanging from the ceiling fan dead
this story has no moral this is the end

The author's comments:
True Story. RIP

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