I Heart You:)

December 7, 2010
By ashley ward BRONZE, Portland, Oregon
ashley ward BRONZE, Portland, Oregon
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I am giving this to you
since i am too young to give you anything else keep this poem as if it were your life or a million dollars.although you cant by the world with it because theirs not enough money in the world to explain how i feel about you.
I Heart You.

I never thought you would be the one
to make me have butterflies the
one who holds me , kisses me, loves me. but you turned out to be my superman my night and shining armor. the love of my life.
I Heart You.

I never once doubted us but we have been Thu alot together like fight,lies,broken promises,being stood up,cheating baby we been thu it all and we are still standing together people try and brake us up but our love is so strong.
I Heart You.

until the end of time i will love you with or without you here, this is forever because you were my first love and never will i forget you i know we fight a lot but in the long run it helps us be closer i know you are always busy but i guess its okay i understand and later in life i hope to have all your time or at least most of it im going to remember you my every thought is about you. i cant explain this feeling but this is life and all i need to know is i have you and life seems perfect.
I Heart You.

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