Leaving The Past Behind

June 4, 2008
You left me once
You left me twice
I was told to leave you alone
But I did not follow advice
I’m cursed for the rest of my life
A clubbed foot and handicapped
I’m officially brutalized
Like the winds fatal slap,
Knocking you out cold
Paralyzed you are in a coma
The airs intoxication
A scandalous aroma
That steals your heart
Then throws it back
A mental interrogation
The worst type of attack
Revolving around the earth
The navigation of heartbreak
The lives that have been murdered
And so many more at stake
But still I loved you
A waitress and nothing more
What’s the point of wanting love,
From a useless careless whore
Who sleeps with my best friend,
And probably the rest of town
Number one for following the motto
“Always kick them when their down”
That is exactly what you did
Leaving me now full of doubt
I tried to open the door to love
But without a chance you kicked me out
Now that you threw me away
I am intently addicted to lust
Deranged with wanting more
Because I have to and I must
To fill the void you left incomplete
The striving for the finish line
The qualifications will never meet
The fact that you left
I refuse to accept
The holding of a useless key
Belonging to no one, cannot be kept
A once desired spice,
Went from spicy to mild
It has finally lost its touch
Its taste far from appeasing
When you’ve finally had enough
You find someone else,
You find someone better
A wife who will bear my children
The feeling of joy that I cannot measure
Filled with glee, that you’re the past
Now I’m opening the present
With a gift that will last.

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sexy girl said...
Dec. 29, 2010 at 11:27 pm
I love the pomes that you right really it keeps me going
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