December 9, 2010
By Kelly32 BRONZE, Jacksonville, Arkansas
Kelly32 BRONZE, Jacksonville, Arkansas
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Favorite Quote:
Aim for the highest

Art is in the soul
Art is in the heart
Art includes the mind and body
And all we need is a start
A feeling,
Or maybe a drive
Is what guides us through
To create a delicate masterpiece
Strong and true
Our emotions carry us away
To large foreign lands
With tiny little dreams
In the palm of our hands
It’s the strength that can take us somewhere
And how we may use it
It’s the courage to go out and share
Or stay and misuse
We must handle it with precise care
And to always be sure that we are aware
That having such a merciful gift
Can change your life in a dramatic shift
We all have what it takes
To find your perfect talent
As long as we have the drive
To be a bit gallant
All we have to do is find it
Deep within the heart
Our souls containing our personal ambition
Separating us apart
It’s a great ability to have
If we could even see it from the start
Life would be perfect
If we all came to this realization
But after all,
We’re just an imperfect artful ambition

The author's comments:
I'm not sure where this came from in my mind,but one night it just came to me. It contains a lot of meaning to me and I hope that is does the same for others.
- Thank you !

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