"The Birds Have Called"

December 6, 2010
By Anonymous

At the top I'm standing
On top of all that I see.
Above me is the open sky,
The place I long forever to be.

The clouds plead for my flight
Below is me anything but true sight.
What I see is not a life,
But a shell of what will come to strife.

Cars zip past the busy streets,
Pedestrians walking with robot feet.
Blinded by the message of fear and further
They're traveling with their lives wholly asunder.

Free yourself.
Break free.
Tear the veil
Of this society.

Preach the words the preacher preached
For them to listen is what he beseeched.
Left and to the right, all ignored
Truth was something they could not afford.

So it is on top I stand,
Above you,
Above the others,
Above all that's askew.

I've strived for clarity
And clarity I've attained.
Society has convinced me
That I'm the one insane.

The birds have called
I'll spread my wings
I'll jump and fly,
Down into the sky.

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