Looking Back

June 4, 2008
By Consuela Perry, Akron, OH

Precious pain
Sweet desire
Seductive pleasure
I admire
Falling stars
Rising higher

I wonder why life did not come

By the window
Tears of shame
Heavy fire
Dripping rain
Life without you
Does not feel the same

I wonder why I did not come

Plenty signs
None were shown
Hearts with romance
That does not belong
Feels so right
But seems so wrong

I wonder why how love was shown

Tasteful memories
Never fade
Passion felt
But truly never made
Close my eyes
Try to sleep
But my heart
And body feels weak
Try to Fix
This once small leak

I wonder why you were the one

Playing cards
You’re the joker
I’m the spade
A hand of Poker
A ruined heart
Caused by the smoker

Still confused why life did not come

Uneven share
Hurt confusion
Love’s Amendments
Unsolved problems
With one solution

Now I know why life did not come

Cause of failure
Time of death
Loss of conscience
Loss of breath
Time’s expired
Heartless left

Torn apart slowly gone

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