December 5, 2010
By Emily Thomas BRONZE, Cave Creek, Arizona
Emily Thomas BRONZE, Cave Creek, Arizona
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Take two companionless friends, and put 3/4 of care and respectfulness in a heart shaped medal bowl. Also a cup of smiles, and 2 cups of happiness. Carefully mix with a with a blender, until ingredients begin to shine, causing you to have deep temptations of smiling, and noticing the two people begin to find interest in each other. Pour a thick topping of sweet sugar over your mixed ingredients to create a increase of their thin friendship. Cook in a oven, at 350F degrees. Until the friendship begins to harden and make the two people begin to feel trusted. You can begin to feel when it's done when the two friends have someone to trust and be respected by, also they will have everlasting smiles on their bright faces. Finally add a thick layer of honesty adding a taste of sweetness. These two lonely people with now be friends with everlasting friendships.

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