To a Friend

December 5, 2010
By jessi379 BRONZE, Dartmouth, Massachusetts
jessi379 BRONZE, Dartmouth, Massachusetts
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We may not be closest, but we're still friends,
I'll be here for you forever, there is no end.
You've gone through your battles, and I through mine,
We both have things we're trying to leave behind.
But into the present, the past seems to creep,
But further past it you must leap,
And dont you cry and be upset,
Because its either nothing you can control, and you should never regret.
People try to kick other people down,
So never let them kick you to the ground,
Cause your better than them, whether you believe me or not
And as a friend, I hate the bad things you go through, I wish it would stop.
It drives me crazy to know your in pain ; out there struggling, going insane
And i dont know if this helps, but even if you feel alone,
There are plenty people that care, so your not on your own
Whatever you do, i'll always stay your side
To wipe away any tears that you may cry.

The author's comments:
I wrote it about a friend off the top of my head. I know it needs some work, but yeah.

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