I Am From..

June 4, 2008
By Zelia Zaldivar, Akron, OH

I am from the deep south where my accent shows up randomly.
I am from little money and parents who work all day long.
I am from an Air Force base with a mom and dad together but apart.
I am from playing in mud and dirt in pretty little dresses.
I am from staying out past dark and gettin stuck on rooftops.
I am from a trailer park where the people only go to Wal-Mart.
I am from many new faces with my mom that eventually left.
I am from a death of a man who was soon to be my second father.
I am from a new dad and new life in Ohio.
I am from a big new family and lots of secrets to tell soon to be grandparents.
I am from a new house year after year until Akron.
I am from awkward teen years and too many sleepovers.
I am from moments of laughter and embarrassing things.
I am from almost graduation and ready to take my life head on.

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