Poem to No One

December 7, 2010
By Conno_Rumsted PLATINUM, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Conno_Rumsted PLATINUM, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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"You understand...It is too far. I cannot take this body along with me. It is too heavy. Left behind, it will only be an old cast-off shell. There is nothing sad about an old shell"

Just because I spill an unfamiliar feeling
Doesn't mean I'm upset and on the middle of dealing
With problems about you
I never said I wanted her back
I never said that caring was an emotion that you lacked
I was just writing
I do it all the time
I did when we were fighting
I did it when we were having fun
But that doesn't mean this poem is for you
And it's not
This is simply a poem to no one

Just because I write I love you
Doesn't mean I'm speaking to you
And just because I'm not doesn't mean I'm talking to her
It doesn't mean that I'm not sure
How this will end
Doesn't mean I want to speed it up
Honestly it just boils down to luck
In the beginning I was stunned struck
But now you unfolded
And you and I never molded
But that doesn't mean you're the one this poem is about
Erase the doubt
There should be none
Because this is a poem to no one

I am writing my feelings
Not about anything, or anyone, in particular
They're not Bout you and they're not about her
They are simply what is inside my mind
And right now i find
I can't keep them in
But don't you grin
This isn't about us
This is a porcelain bust
Of my emotion
This is a poem to no one

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