Olympic Glory

June 4, 2008
A found poem
With thanks to Matt Higgins
Parent and Child Magazine May 2008

In her crib
She climbed out
She got down
In the doorway of the bathroom
The tiny tot mysteriously appeared

In a gymnastics class
Enrolled their only child
A way to channel her rambunctious energy
Talent and potential began to emerge

The 4-foot 8-inch sprite
Joined a new gym
Performance at the gym
Shines through
Progressed into elite-level competitions
Favorite to win
Help the United States win a gold medal

Success and winning
Increasingly rigorous competition
Sacrificing, scrutinized
Personal sacrifices to fit in the training
Missing school and social activities
Social life is more important
Developed misgivings about her sport

Faced with a critical decision
To continue or to quit
The decision to stick with gymnastics
Worked out well so far
Progressed to love the sport even more

Live in my hometown
Spend time with my friends
Go to the movies
Remains grounded
Kept me normal
Like a normal teenager
Most perfect little world possible

Maintain a typical teenage life
Endorsement deals
Love the adrenaline rush
Love of performing
Shawn Johnson is the 2007 World all-around gymnastics champion

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