I Am...

December 5, 2010
I am a dancer,
I have rhythm in my step.
I am dancing through life,
Everything matters, Its all a ‘prep’.

I am a rainbow,
Outside I’m happy and joyful.
But I’ve been through hard times
Every once in a while, I fumble

I am what I eat.
And I can’t eat that much
Food allergies hurt you
And sometimes I need a crutch.

I am a weird, quirky person…
And I’m willing to admit that.
But I have amazing friends,
And I don’t know anyone who is a doormat.

I am a bright light.
I give off warmth and energy
I am good and fun to be around
And yes, I know I’m corny.

I am very, very happy.
Even with hard times under my belt
That’s what illness does to you
It leaves you with a welt.

I am still a little kid inside
But everyone is…right?
No one can be mature as a kid,
We’re still all afraid of the dark at night.

I am the beat to my own drum
I create my own music
I do things myself
I have to say, I’m kind of epic.

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