Where I'm From

June 4, 2008
I'm from a tiny house in a small town to neighbors that knew each other
I'm from playing in the backyard with mud to bathing in the kitchen sink
I'm from watching my dad coach a stat champion softball team to playing
Soccer on a team that never won
I'm from the hot and humid Texas nights to long car rides home with my family
I'm from a brother that is one year older to a sister that is seven years younger
I'm from bedtime stories late at night to listening to my parent's stupid fights
I'm from watching Gullah Island to playing Skip-It and drawing with chalk
I'm from Ghost in the graveyard to Dunkaroos for snacks
I'm from Connect Four and Sorry to Beauty and The Beast and We're Back!
I'm from giant, hideous glasses and being made fun of daily, to being the smartest
in my classes and being great at math
I'm from sleepovers with friends and talking about boys to learning foreign languages
and a lot about life
I'm from a hard past with many loses, but they have shaped me into the person I am today

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