Best Friends

June 4, 2008
By Darci Wolfe, Akron, OH

Forget this fight, that's all we say
We don't need words to know
That I'm still here
You're never alone
We are always holding on
I never left you behind

And everyday I am amazed
That after you leave me in tears
You can make me laugh so easily
Amazed you've stayed around
And that you love me still
Even in just a best friend way

Can you believe we're still here
That we made it this far
Are you happy I'm still waiting
Trying to fix this?

Maybe I've help you to high
Making myself sink lower
But we always sink together
Because we never tried to stand again

It's been years since we first met
But we've never let go
We're holding on after our screaming
And all the tears

For some unknown reason we try again
We don't know why
And it is always just each other
For us, no one else comes close
Others see what it is that we can't
Shouldn't that say something?

So come sit next to me
We can pretend nothing is wrong
Give me a hug, only a hug
After all, we're friends right?
Who love each other to the end
That's right, we're only friends.

A copy change poem with thanks to Avery Yen.

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