June 4, 2008
By Kanupriya Agrawal, Bareilly, ZZ

Life is a road, which goes on and after covering a great distance there
Is an ultimate end though there are
Turns and speed breakers.
But no stop to our cars.’
No doubt, there are twists and turns
So, we have to slow our speed.
The more signs we follow,
The more we would swallow.
Life is a journey on the road.
Life is like wheel, which keeps on revolving,
It is not mere dream; rather a dream comes true.
Everyone gets love, affection, name and fame,
But lucky are those who live them beautifully.
Life is like a prism; which reflects,
As the laws of life says action has same reaction
Hence, nothing is lost in nature.
It just cycles and we get what we lost
And of course lost what we got.
Some lead a life. Some tolerate. Some waste, some do not care much,
Some share, some enjoy. Some are serious, and to others it is a joke.
However, I respect life so do you?

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