A week of us

June 3, 2008
By kalieya hitt, Brooklyn, NY

Monday is the day of many days to come,
the start of you and me,
and the beginning that will last for an enerity.
Tuesdat is the day of terrible woe,
though were apart thoughts for each other grow.
Wednesday is the day at the library for learning,
though we must be quite our love is buring.
Thursday is the day not quit spent together,
but a ride on the train tother last forever.
Firday is the day of fabolus fun,
we play and talk about games we won.
Staurday is the day of passtion and disere,
we make love and it set our souls on fire.
Sunday is the day of rest and peace,
together we lay, you and me,
our love at peace for many more days to come.

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