The God of Storm

June 3, 2008
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I sit at the computer,
Slowly typing my own story.
Sisters outside in the pool,
Fully experiencing childhood's glory.

The day is sunny,
Pet bird chirping in it's cage,
As my typing goes faster,
Filling page after page.

As the day weathers on
The TV shouts it's warning,
Telling of the dangers
In the growing storm approaching.

We head next door
To the neighbor's house and basement,
Sitting at their kitchen table;
Trapped in the storm's encasement.

I watched through the screen door
As the sky lost it's light;
From a smoky grey to pitch black,
Almost darker than the night.

Lightning flashes in the sky,
And the sight my eyes did meet
Was that of one lone man
Walking down the street.

The wind picked up to a thunderous roar
As hail began to pound,
But through the rain and stones he walked;
As if it weren't around

Then a tornado tore down the street
Following in his wake,
Yet never one single mis-step
Did this man make.

My parents pulled me down the stairs
But a last glance through the fall,
Showed the man was missing-
As though he'd never been there at all...

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