Stupid Little Fight

June 3, 2008
By Victoria Browne, Newport Beach, CA

We got into a stupid little fight,
About the shoes that she had took last night.

My smooth black shoes were scuffed and ripped in two,
My sister had destroyed those shoes brand new.

I screamed at her, "Get out, why can't you die?" And she took off at night as her reply.

She rode her bike to her friend's house at dark, While quickly riding through the blackened park .

But when she turned the corner of that street,
A drunken car was what she had to meet.

And now I wear the shoes that she had broke,
But to her grave as I begin to choke.

Cause all I want is her in my embrace,
To see her smiling in my crying face.

To tell me everything will turn out right,
It was only a stupid little fight.

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