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Just Silence

November 14, 2010
By feythashley SILVER, Whites Creek, Tennessee
feythashley SILVER, Whites Creek, Tennessee
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If you open up your heart, you might find something you didn\'t even know you were looking for.

It's silent, I don't fear of the worst.
Just silence.
All I see is darkness, but it is not scary.
The moon is fading, the sun is slowly drifting into sight.
I am awake, listening to the sound of my pencil.
Then I stop.
It's quiet, quite peacefull.
My head is bursting with thoughts and my eyes are getting tired.
But I can't sleep, I'm in a world of content.
Inspiration is hard to find; I don't want to throw this all away.
It's silent, and I love this moment.
I don't get much of this, so I don't want to give it up.
But breathe in and say your goodbye.
It's time to become silent yourself; time to let go and let the world become light again.

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