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What happened?

November 14, 2010
By feythashley SILVER, Whites Creek, Tennessee
feythashley SILVER, Whites Creek, Tennessee
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If you open up your heart, you might find something you didn\'t even know you were looking for.

What happened to back then
when I'd stare out the car window
gazing at the clouds?
Those I over exaggerated
how much I didn't like you but you really liked me,
cause now I wish every day
that someone would like me like that.
Every chance I had, I'd try to be ba better person.
I had so much drive and ambition, I was gonna take the world by storm.
What happened?
I had friends that I knew inside and out.
My memories were colorful and extravagant, now they're just unclear and empty.
What is it that I have changed into when I don't even believe in change?
So what if I was young, niave, and stupid, I was still cheerful.
I didn't care what any of you thought.
I could trust some of you.
My heart was pure. Now it's full of pain and selfishness.
Where have I gone?
Losing yourself is nothing to cry about,
but it makes me upset.
How could you let this happen to me?
Better yet,
how could I
let this happen to me?

The author's comments:
It's about growing up and completely losing the drive you had. Becoming this whole other person that you don't recognize. Wondering what happened to yourself.

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