Ode to the Seniors of '08

June 3, 2008
By Sarah Garay, Waldwick, NJ

Ode to the oldest grade that has set the tone
Countless awards and recognitions they have shown
Whether or not the younger successors
Can measure up to their predecessors
This is still left unknown

Ode to the craziest fans
That attend each Friday night
The games on the turf under the lights
And in the gym when we throw down quite a sight

Ode to the hilarious pranksters
That keep this school alive
Playing jokes on students and teachers alike
And after always give each other props and a high five

Ode to the loudest ones
That disrupt our school
And make their presence known in the halls
It’s their territory and stomping grounds after all

Ode to those most upper of upperclassmen
That mercilessly tease us younger students
But also offer advice for life
That is both wise and prudent

Ode to the over-achievers
That conquer all in their wake
Who we hate to love and love to hate
But at the end of the day just love
And are extremely proud of

Ode to that group of kids
That wear their hearts on their sleeves
The day has finally come
The day when they all leave

Their time at high school has come to an end
And no matter how much their path of life bends
There will always be a place in our hearts for this grade
May the memory of their accomplishments never fade

Thanks for making these four past years great
Ode to the seniors of ‘08

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